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A Letter from Alexis & Eveling

¡Hola! We are a loving couple ready to expand our family through the gift of adoption. Adoption has been on our hearts for a while, and we feel excited to be on this journey.

Our Texas home brings together a mix of cultures; Alexis is originally from Puerto Rico, and Eveling is from Nicaragua. We look forward to providing a financially stable, supportive, and encouraging life to a child. We would love to learn more about you and the hopes you have for your child through this adoption. Open adoption is something that we would like to share with you, if you would be comfortable!

Lea nuestro mensaje especial en español a continuación.

About Us

We met online and have been married for almost 9 years! We have been wanting to expand our family but found out that Eveling would not be able to get pregnant. We have also tried IVF but were unsuccessful. We have always been open to adoption, but feel like we’re ready to start this chapter in our lives. Alexis has one son, Brian, who lives in Alaska. He is thrilled to become a big brother!

We like to watch TV and talk about our days at night, dining out, going to the movies, and visiting different locations close to our town. When we go on vacation, we love to visit our friends and family around the states. We are Christian and look forward to raising our child in church and teaching them the gospel of God. We are really excited to become parents together!

About Alexis

My favorite thing about Alexis is his caring nature, fun-loving personality, and his loyalty to his family and friends. He is the first person people run to when they need help; he will drop everything for those he loves. He works hard to provide for our family, and it allows me to stay at home for when we expand our family through adoption.

Alexis’ number one priority is his son, Brian. He loves to take him to new places, teach him new things, and include him in everything we do. Alexis loves to watch and attend sporting events, going to the movies as a family, and traveling around the United States and overseas. The nurturing way he has raised Brian makes me so excited to raise a child with him.

About Eveling

Eveling is such a devoted and trustworthy person. She has a compassionate heart and is such a great step-parent to my son, Brian. She has a lot of love to give, and she shows it in everything she does! She draws people to her with her warm personality and caring nature. She is able to stay home and will be there to raise our child.

Eveling loves to keep up the garden in our backyard, play with our dog, traveling to fun places, and having family time. She loves having our family and friends over for a fun game night with a home-cooked meal. I can tell that she will be the best mother the way she is nurturing and kind to those around her.

Our Family

Alexis has one son, Brian (13), from a previous marriage and lives in Alaska. Brian is really excited to become a big brother. He loves to play basketball, soccer, and video games. We love to go out as a family; we go to the water parks in the area and like to ride go-karts. He visits us during his summer and Christmas break.

Our family is very close, we communicate regularly. We have a small family that spreads out to different states and different countries. Alexis’ mom lives close to us, and we see each other every week. The rest of the family we get together once or twice a year.

Our Home in Texas

We live close to where Alexis was stationed in the Army; we decided to stay in the area after he got separated from active duty. We live in 3 bedroom home with a bedroom for Brian, and the other will be set up as a nursery.

Our home is in a quiet neighborhood and is within walking distance to schools and a community park. For fun, we travel to the big cities surrounding us where we visit the zoo, aquariums, and amusement parks.

Our Promise

We promise that your child will be surrounded by love and a supportive family. We will provide a nurturing home life, an excellent education, and new experiences to create memories.

We promise to keep an ongoing relationship with you. We promise to laugh with you, share special moments, and will always share with your child how much love you have. We promise to always continue improving as parents. These are our promises before God as our witness. To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.


Un mensaje especial…

Gracias por tomarte el tiempo para aprender quienes somos y por considerarnos en esta difícil decisión. Somos una pareja de Texas lista para expandir nuestra familia a traves de la adopción. Alexis es de Puerto Rico y Eveling nacio en Nicaragua. Dios ha puesto en nuestros corazones el deseo de adoptar y estamos muy emocionados de empezar este proceso. Somos una pareja estable tanto emocional como financieramente, y deseamos compartir esta casa con su bebe. Deseariamos conocer mas de usted y los deseos que usted tenga para su hijo(a). La adopcion abierta es una posibilidad si asi usted lo desea.

Nosotros prometemos que su niño(a) va ser amado y va ser criado con los mejores valores y amando a Dios sobre todas las cosas. Nosotros le vamos a proveer una vida constructiva, una excelente educacion, y muchas experiencias que perduraran toda la vida. Le vamos enseñar los dos idiomas y que aprenda de varias culturas. Prometemos compartir momentos especiales, y siempre le diremos a su hijo(a) cuanto usted lo amo por tomar esta decision. Su decision de dar a su hijo(a) en adopcion es muy valiente y desinteresada. Mejoraremos dia a dia como padres. Siempre queremos lo mejor para su hijo(a) y queremos ser la familia que usted desea para su
hijo(a). Estas son nuestras promesas y ponemos a Dios como nuestro testigo.

— Alexis y Eveling

Learn More About Alexis & Eveling

  Alexis Eveling
Our EducationMaster's Degree in business Administration Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
Our ProfessionsVeteran Service RepresentativeHousewife
Our Racial BackgroundHispanic Hispanic
Some of Alexis & Eveling's Favorites
SportCollege Football Baseball
Favorite Team Florida Gators Houston Astros
Food Puerto Rican Italian
Movies Marvel Series The Lion King and Moana
Travel Disney Cruise Line Nicaragua
PetLove our Corgi dog, LunaPembroke Welsh Corgis
Past TimeGrilling, spending time on the beach Gardening, trying out new make up
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We love to watch sports, travel to new places, and grow vegetables in our backyard. We take our dog on a walk every night and make a meal together. When we have Alexis' son, we like to take him on adventures in the nearby cities.

Our Faith

Our faith is Christianity. We believe that God is in control and that everything happens with a godly purpose. We will teach our child that God sacrificed His only son, so that we can have eternal life by His side. We will take our child to church and learn the gospel of God.

Our Dog

We have one dog named Luna, who is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She is so friendly with people and loves to play in our backyard.

About Our Home

We have a spacious 3 bedroom home in a family-friendly neighborhood. We have an extra room for a nursery, and one for when Alexis' son, Brian, comes to visit.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 12 months old




Either boy or girl

In Closing

Thank you for considering us! We have a loving home ready to embrace your child. We'll encourage him or her every day and will be blessed to raise your child. It would be an honor to get to know you, if you're comfortable. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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